How to Help


100% of the proceeds goes directly towards feeding hungry people.  We have no overhead to pay for as we are a completely volunteer project.  Dollar for dollar, your entire contribution will immediately be used to purchase food and supplies for the homeless in Honolulu.  ANY AMOUNT is appreciated.  We rely on small and large contributions.

**  Please make checks payable to:  "Street Angels Association"
Mail checks to:  2418 Round Top Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822

** Paypal donations, please click HERE for instructions.


This saves us a lot of money and time shopping for paper products. We can use these ONLY:   
PAPER PLATES (dinner plate size) and WOODEN CHOPSTICKS

If you have extra party supplies taking up room in your closets, now is the time to clean it out and share!   Or, on your next trip to Costco, pick up some paper plates for your Street Angel neighbors.

Please contact us to arrange delivery of paper products:  StreetAngelsHawaii @ gmail dot com


We serve healthy, vegan food (no animal products, no dairy).  You can bring ready to serve items or make a vegan dish to share.  Please contact us in advance to arrange pickup/drop off of food items.

Food that does not require any cooking:
-- Cucumbers, sliced very thin.

-- Oranges IF YOU SLICE THEM, (please no apples as they are too hard for many to chew).

-- Oreo Cookies (this is a treat for them, we don't give them out every week, and consider:  they are vegan, economical, and store well.  They create such excitement when we have them to share.)

Easy, Economical, Vegan Dishes to Prepare in Large Quantities:
-- Roasted Sweet Potatoes   -- very hearty dish, everyone loves this.
You can use any that you find that are a good price.  Cut potatoes into bite size chunks.  If possible, rub olive oil on the potato pieces, but not necessary if you don't have any.  Sprinkle potatoes with salt and pepper.  Roast in 375 degree oven for about 30 to 45 minutes - this varies depending on how much you make, please check.  Overdone is better than underdone as many houseless people have teeth issues and need softer food.  You can bag the cooked potatoes in recycled plastic grocery bags so no need to use your own tupperware for delivery.

-- Roasted Carrots  - nutrient dense dish, high in vitamins and sweet.
Same as above, just cooking times vary, usually less for carrots.

-- Steamed Broccoli  or Green Beans - great green addition to our carbohydrate rich meal.
Make sure you cut into bite sized servings, we will put a cluster on each plate.  Please steam until very tender.  Many houseless people have dental sensitivities and need softer food.

-- Vegan chili  OR Tofu/veggie curry -- protein stews that add nutrition and flavor.
There are many easy solutions to make these types of gravy dishes depending on your cooking interest.  One big pot as gravy over our starch items goes a long long way and is a big treat.   Please email us (
StreetAngelsHawaii @ gmail dot com) and we will send you several options of simple recipes using economy priced items to make protein rich stews.

-- Spaghetti  - the homeless kids love this.
It can be as easy as cooking the pasta and adding a jar of pre-made sauce.  Depends upon your time and budget.  Cheaper would be to use large cans of tomato sauce with whatever you can flavor it with (suggestions are: fried onions,  soy protein found in bulk bins, canned or fresh mushrooms, frozen corn or peas, spices).  Just make sure to make enough for at least 25 people or more if you can.